Mordechai, a moyel who had been practicing his ministry for many years, had a good friend, Moshe, who was a tanner. Mordechai had the unusual practice of keeping and preserving all the foreskins he had ever clipped. Now, over a period of twenty years, this amounted to quite a stash of foreskins.

One day, Mordechai went to his friend Moshe, and said, "Moshe, I have all these foreskins from twenty years as a moyel. Is there something you can make for me out of them?"

Moshe thought a moment and said, "Sure, I can make you something really special. Give them to me and come back in two weeks."

Two weeks later, Mordechai returns to his friend the tanner, his expectations high for what Moshe would make for him.

"Well," says Mordechai, somewhat excited. "Is it ready?"

"Oi, Mordechai," says his friend. "This is going to be such a present. But I need another week to make it perfect. Come back then."

Somewhat disappointed, Mordechai agrees. "It better be ready next week, then," he complains.

"Not to worry, old friend, you won't be disappointed."

All the next week, Mordechai wondered what his friend was making for him. By the end of the week, his curiosity was almost unbearable. Finally the day arrived and he rushed to his friend's house.

"Is it ready?" he asked breathlessly

"Is it ready?" his friend replied. "Mordechai, it has never been more ready. It is a masterpiece, if I may say so. The best thing I have ever created. You'll love it."

Shaking with excitement, Mordechai exclaims, "Show it to me!"

Moshe hands his friend a small package. "Go on, open it!"

Mordechai opens the package. "A wallet? Twenty years of foreskins, and you make me a wallet? What kind of masterpiece is this?!"

"Ahhh," reassures Moshe. "But you don't understand. Rub the wallet and it grows into a suitcase!"