A woman is all ready to give birth to her first baby. The doctor, obstetrician, and nurses are all waiting for the birth. The doc checks for any signs of progress and suddenly he feels something moving, pulls back his hand and this little head pops out, sees the doc and asks him, "Are you my daddy?"

"No, I'm not," the doctor replies. The head pops back in. Then the obstetrician goes over to check out the situation. The baby pops out his head and asks him, "Are you my daddy?"

"Nope, I didn't do it," and the baby pops back in.

The doctor calls the father and says, "Sir, the baby seems to be reluctant to come out---he keeps asking for his father. Would you please come to the delivery room?" So the father is standing there and the baby pops his head out again, and seeing his father the little one asks in an annoyed voice, "Are YOU my daddy?"

Dad kneels down and answers proudly, "Yes, son, I am your lucky father!"

The baby starts tapping his index finger violently and repeatedly on his father's forehead and asks, "This is pretty annoying, isn't it?"